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Single Photo and Picture Mounts Imperial sizes


Single Photo Mounts 

All our photo and picture mounts are cut to order at our studio in Bath, there is no minimuim order, you can order 1 or as many as you like. All the window sizes are cut to fit, which means they are cut 5mm smaller than the stated size, so you photo will not fall through, if you require any other size, please contact us, we are only too happy to help.

We use Colourmount, Daler and Arqadia acid-free mount board for all our mounts, they are all cut with a bevel window and are 1.4mm thick, all our mounts have straight-cut outside edge (not bevelled )

There are 4 colours to choose from

 We are also offering quantity discounts on all our Standard size Picture and Photographic Mounts

Our discounts start when you buy 2 or more of our mounts


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20x20inch Photo and Picture Mount

20x20inch Photo and Picture Mount£9.99

20"x20"  Photo mount to fit 16"x16",12"x12", 10x10" and 8"x8" photographs

20x16inch Photo and Picture Mount

20x16inch Photo and Picture Mount£5.99

20"x16"  Photo mount to fit 16"x12", 14"x10", 12"x8", A4 or A3 photographs

16x16inch Photo and Picture Mount

16x16inch Photo and Picture Mount£4.99

16"x16"  Photo mount to fit 12"x12" or 10"x10" photographs

16x12inch Photo and Picture Mount

16x12inch Photo and Picture Mount£3.99

16"x12"  Photo mount to fit 12"x8", A4,  12x10 or 10"x8"  photographs

12x12inch Photo and Picture Mount

12x12inch Photo and Picture Mount£2.99

12"x12"  Photo mount to fit 10"x10", 9"x9", 8"x8", 7"x7" or 6"x6" photographs

14x11inch Photo and Picture Mount

14x11inch Photo and Picture Mount£2.49

14"x11"  Photo mount to fit 11"x8" or A4 photographs

12x10inch Photo and Picture Mount

12x10inch Photo and Picture Mount£1.80

12"x10"  Photo mount to fit 10x8, 9x7, 8"x6" or 7"x5" photographs

10x10inch Photo and Picture Mount

10x10inch Photo and Picture Mount£1.65

10"x10"  Photo mount to fit 8"x8", 7"x7" or  6"x6" photographs

10x8inch Photo and Picture Mount

10x8inch Photo and Picture Mount£1.45

10"x8"  Photo mount to fit 8"x6", 7"x5" or 6"x4" photographs

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