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Mounts questions

What mountboard do you use?

We use Colourmount/ Slater Harrison, mountboard all of which has a "stay- white" core and are acid-free  and 1.4mm thick, we do not use "economy" mountcard 

What's a Single Mount ?

A single mount is one layer of mount card, just one colour, our single photo and picture mounts are made to the most popular size to fit popular frames sizes and picture/photograph sizes , we make the outside size around 1mm smaller, so you are sure the mounts will fit your frames.

What's a Double Mount ?

Double mounts are two layers of mounts board, usually the top mount is one colour and the under mount another colour ( You can have the same colour if you like) the top mount is cut so that about 5mm of the under mount shows, to give you a accent colour, maybe to pick up a colour from your picture.

What mount colour do I need?
It depends, if the mount is for your own photograph/picture which will grace your own wall. Then it’s a personal choice which colour you choose, it can be conservative or as bold as you like. Your choice of colour could be picked a colour which is within the picture to enhance it or to suite the environment in which the picture will hang.
If on the other hand you require the mount for your picture so you can sell them, then go with the tried and tested colours, our top sellers are plain white, soft white and textured white. With photographs black, white or soft white. Largely due to the fact photographs compared to picture or prints have a lot of detail, so a plain colour forces the eye to the image. We would also suggest a wide boarder on the mount as this focus
the attention to that of the photo.
Double mount are really worth the extra money as they can make your pictures look fabulous.

The names we use for our mount colours are the name the manufactures use (helps with checking stock) and while we have tried to show a good representation of the colours on our site, the individual monitor set up can not show a true representation of colours as in real life, so if you are not sure of the colour, please contact us to send you (free of charge) a sample set of the colours we offer.
We can not be held liable if the colour you choose does not match the colour you thought it was, but we will try to help in anyway we can. 


Can we cut custom shaped windows

Yes we can, well within reason, if you send us an image, drawing or a photo of what you would like cut, we can tell you if it is possible, send the design at the finished size required ( life size, so if it’s to fit a 23x23cm frame, the design needs to be 23x23cm) at 300dpi , either JPEG or GIFF file format., Also the design must be as a Black Silhouette so we can see what is to be cut out
Please do not send
Clip Art or copies of other peoples designs, the designs need to be your own work, we have the right to refuse any design we think is too similar to other people designs

Please contact us first with the size of mount you require, we will then send you a template of the right size, you just need to put your design in this template and size and place where you want the design to be, then send it back to us,

We charge a 'Conversion Fee' for our time to convert your design in to a 'cutting file' for our computer mount cutter, this can take some time to do, so the fee can vary, the minimum amount we charge is £10.00 per design. When we have converted your design to a cutting file, and test cut to make sure that it cut right, we will send you an image of the finished design for your approval.
We only charge once per design, on the first order you place for the custom shape mounts you will be charged for the Conversion Fee and the cost of the mounts, thereafter (if you wish) any orders for the custom shape mounts, you will only be charged for the mounts. 
Once you have paid for the Conversion Fee the the design will not be offered to anybody else,
only you can have that design cut into photo mounts. Picture Frames Ltd hold the property rights to the 'cutting file', which can not be transferred to any other company and or mount cutting service .
If the design has not been used for 0ne Year and One Day, Frontier Picture Frames Ltd reserve the right to dispose and or use the design cutting file in any way they wish, such as Deleting, Marketing, Sell or Use, if the file has been deleted and you wish to reuse it, there will be a charge for re-converting the design again.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click to Download a info sheet about Custom shape mounts


The use of our photo/picture mounts along with shaped mounts such as heart, star etc CAN NOT be used as templates to cut your own mounts out of paper or card, if you so so, we will take legal action and claim compensation.



How do I Order?

We are happy to accept orders online

How do I pay?

Payments are normally conducted through PayPal, using credit or debit cards, trusted and secure.

Or you can email us with your order and you can pay by Bank Transfer, once we have received your email order, we will send you an invoice along with our bank details, we will then dispatch your order once the funds have reached our bank account,



How long is dispatch time?

Dispatch time  can take.

For mounts 4 – 5 working days, normally we have found that 2 – 4 days . This is not the case if we are designing a custom shape mount for you.

Mounts with frames 4-10 working days, normally we have found that 3 - 5 days

Working Days  Tuesday to Fridays

PLEASE NOTE, this is dispatch time, the time it take us to make your order and not the time it takes ROYAL MAIL or Couriers to deliver your order. Once we hand over your order to Royal Mail or the Couriers , we are in their hands to deliver your order to you, this is beyond our control

What if the mounts arrive Damaged.

In the unlikely  event that it does, first email  us a photo of the damaged mounts and packing (if damaged in transit) , we will then send replacements free of charge

Unfortunately, we do not cover lost or damaged mounts if posted to a 'Third Party ' address,  we are only liable for delivery to the address provided by you as Delivery Address and by PayPal as the delivery address.

Do the prices include VAT and P&P

We are Not VAT registered, Postage and Packing will be added at the basket, please see our Delivery info page









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