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Designer Cut Shape Mounts

Looking for something a bit different from the Square or Round photo/picture Mounts, then this is the right section, here we sale all different shaped mounts, from Cars, Elephants to Dogs or Dolphins  and even CupCake shaped photo mounts

Featured Products
Family of 5 Elephant Shape Mount

Family of 5 Elephant Shape Mount£7.99   £6.45

 Family of 5 Elephants Shaped mount


Butterfly£4.99  -  £5.99

Butterfly  Shaped picture mount


LambrettaScooter£4.99  -  £7.99

Lambretta Scooter Cut out Shaped picture mount


23x50 Rocket Shape Mount

23x50 Rocket Shape Mount£7.99   £6.45

Rocket Shaped mount

Drum Kit Picture Mount

Drum Kit Picture Mount£4.99  -  £5.99

Drum Kit  Shaped picture mount

Letters M-R Shaped Mounts

Letters M-R Shaped Mounts£4.99  -  £5.99

M-R Letter  Shaped picture mounts


Stag Head shape mount

Stag Head shape mount£4.99  -  £5.99

Stage Head Shaped picture mount


8x8 Single Cupcake Shaped Mount

8x8 Single Cupcake Shaped Mount£2.49

Single Cupcake Shaped Photo  Mount to it 8"x8" picture frame

50th shape photo mount

50th shape photo mount£4.99  -  £5.99

50  Shaped picture mount


Beach Huts Shape Mount

Beach Huts Shape Mount£7.99   £6.45

Beach Huts Shaped mount

Hedgehog  Family Shape Mount

Hedgehog Family Shape Mount£7.99   £6.45

Hedgehog Family Shaped mount


Mum&BabyElelphant£4.99  -  £5.99

Mum & Baby Elephant Cut out Shaped picture mount