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Backing Board

Backing card

Backing Board is used to protect and support your pictures and photographs, we can supply two types of backing board and 1 Self-Adhesive Board.

The first is a budget grey-board, it is approx 1.5mm thick, grey in colour and  is not acid free.

The second type we supply is made of same quality of mount card we supply on this site, in fact it is exactly the same as the white mount card but without the window, it is approx 1.5mm thick and is non-acidic.

We can also supply a Self Adhesive Board, which you can use to stick / bond down your photos and pictures, again this board is not acid free and it is a PERMANENT bond which can not be undone

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Standard Backing Board Metric Sizes

Standard Backing Board Metric Sizes£0.35  -  £55.00

Metric Size Standard Backing Board

Standard Backing Board Imperial Sizes

Standard Backing Board Imperial Sizes£0.34  -  £2.50

Imperial Size Standard Backing Board

Grey Backing Board Imperial

Grey Backing Board Imperial£0.20  -  £1.30

Imperial Size Backing Board Budget

Grey Backing Board Meric Sizes

Grey Backing Board Meric Sizes£0.20  -  £1.30

Metric Size Grey Backing Board Budget


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